Hi, I'm Jared.

I 🤍 the intersection of politics, technology, education, activisim, and spreadsheets.

Skills, software, languages


How to: Covid-19 Screening

Create an automated Covid-19 symptom screening system at scale in hours

Learn how I built a custom integration to bring together a webform provider and automated text messages to simplify Covid-19 symptom entry screening. Version 2.0 with Microsoft Flow, Cognito Forms, and Placid. Version 1.0 with Zapier, Typeform, and Google's QR Code Generator.

Presentation: Make Your Own Luck

For the Robot RoboSports Network/Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2020 Spring Conferences

How to use positive psychology to overcome adversity and make your own luck in FIRST

Robotis Resource Hub

Free eductional robotis resources

Scoring calculators, game tests, guides, and other resources to help students and teachers in educational robotics programs

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FIRST Robotics

Educational robotics competitions for students in elementary, middle, and high school

Current roles: Volunteer coordination, event logistics, health & safety planning, audio/visual, event production

Committee member, Beach Blitz

SoCal Covid-19 Makers Response Team

Using 3D printing to make PPE for health workers & first responders in CA and beyond

Project role: Onboarding automation for new makers, project management, web design

AIDS Walk Los Angeles

The world’s first walk to fight HIV and AIDS.

Event role: Assistant to the Event Director

Logistics, volunteer management, fundraising, web design

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